A Student’s Conundrum

fk shitThe essay is due in a few hours but you do not want to work on it because you know it will be full of shit that the professor will smell a mile away.

Unfortunately you have to do the essay because 1/5 of 40% of your grade for the semester is riding on it and you want to pass the course.

fk shit, goin2bed.

Wake the student up when the semester is over.

Can WordPress play .webm files?


Why do I ask? Well yesterday, Moot posted a blog post that states 4chan now supports .webm files (without audio). It seems the community as a whole is embracing the new (at least for the image board) format. This format will pretty much replace .gif, granted there will be people who will still use animated gifs.

Since I messed up my sleep schedule, I decided to see if WordPress does support this format. And the answer is… Continue reading